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When you consider the East Coast music scene, Lost in Paris is a cover band completely in a class all its own. They’ve been the featured entertainment in countless festivals and events, bars and clubs, weddings, commitment ceremonies, birthdays, colleges and universities, corporate events, and other private events. Contact our Booking Agent for more details! We look forward to hearing from you!

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#4 – I’m Back@It!

Well, hi – it’s jeff again, I know I’ve been away from this for a few weeks;  thanks for coming back!  Let’s get caught up: Since I last “saw” you, we had the Christmas (/Hanukkah/Qwaanza) – mine was awesome;  I hope yours was too! We played shows in: Arlington VA...

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Or Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Appreciative Winter Solstice, Festivus for the Rest of Us…whatever you’re celebrating this time of year, we here at Lost in Paris hope you enjoy the bejeezis out of it. And don’t wear yourself thin, cuz there’s still a weekend to be had after it’s all...

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Blog post #2!

Welcome back, thanks for reading, blahblahblahblahblah :-). Jokes aside, I love you to pieces for coming back to read this. Ahem… The best calzones in the WORLD are made by Antonio’s in West Pittston, PA.  Period.  I’ve done the work for you;  you’re welcome.  Just wanted to get that out...

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Blog #1 – New Website!

HELLO! jeff.g here, welcome to LIPBAND.COM, the brand-spanking-new home of Lost in Paris on the interwebs! Check this space frequently for band-related updates and non-band-related rants and musings from me, jeff.g, tee hee, Chewy Spree…initially, we’ll be feeling out just what this space will consist of; I welcome your questions, requests,...

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