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When you consider the East Coast music scene, Lost in Paris is a cover band completely in a class all its own. They’ve been the featured entertainment in countless festivals and events, bars and clubs, weddings, commitment ceremonies, birthdays, colleges and universities, corporate events, and other private events. Contact our Booking Agent for more details! We look forward to hearing from you!

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#20 – #MDW2015!!!

Hey everyone!  It’s HERE!!!  The unofficial Kickoff to summer – Memorial Day Weekend – and we’re ready to melt faces!  Lots happening this weekend, so let’s get right to it::::: Thursday May 21 – Westy’s Irish Pub **7PM – 10PM** 101 East Walnut ave, North Wildwood, NJ, 609-522-4991 Our return to Westy’s awesome upstairs deck stage...

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#19 – Baaahston!

Oh, hello – sorry, I didn’t see you there THIS WEEKEND: Friday May 8 & Saturday May 9 Ned Devine’s\Parris **10PM – 1:30AM** Faneiul Hall/Quincy Marketplace Boston, MA, 617.248.8800 LEST YE FORGET:  Friday night @ Ned’s be LADIES’ NIGHT – if you’re showing an “F” on that ID, you get in FREE before 10PM!...

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#18 – and I like it**

Good morning!  if (LiP) knowledge is power, prepare to be made a f%$#ing DICTATOR! Let.  Us.  Get.  Right to it: SHOWS THIS WEEK: Thursday April 26 – PRIVATE EVENT Philadelphia University RamJam! **12:15PM – 2:15PM** Wherein the Leaders of Tomorrow attempt to keep down their lunch while I sing Pitbull...

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#17 – Seriously, Eff This Weather Already.

Hey you!  I’m assuming you already know we’re canceled tonight at Xfinity Live due to the uncooperative weather…what’s with this non-spring BS anyway?  Rumors that Josh refused to play cuz he needs to watch the Bruce Jenner interview are largely unsubstantiated.  Anyway, apologies for the change of plans, but it’s...

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#16 – Privates!

Hey and howdy!  This is gonna be quick, cuz time is short and most of you can’t come see us this weekend anyway.  We’re real sorry about that As a bonus/consolation prize of sorts, I’ll let you know NOW that we’ll be playing the Outdoor Plaza NEXT FRIDAY (April 24)...

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Blog Post #15 – “O”pening Day and NoVA!

Well, hi there!  Who’s ready to read stuff?!!?  LET’S GO!   LAST WEEKEND: Hope y’all had a great Easter/Passover holiday!  We crushed Boston (maybe it crushed back, just a little bit) and it was a regular riot…the staff of Ned’s/Parris are awesome, we spent some quality time hanging with the boys of LiQuid...

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#14 – Boston! No Foolin’!

Howdy-do, friends!  All right, let’s just get this out of the way:  I’m leaving the band.  It was a tough, tough decision.  This is how I chose to let everyone know, bandmates included…   …in the hopes that you’d all fall for yet ANOTHER stupid “April Fool’s” scenario today.  I mean,...

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#13 – oops, almost forgot!

Hi gang!  I guess I’m still in “vacation mode”;  I totally almost forgot to toss this up.  So it’s gonna be one of those “short, boring, nothing-but-the-facts” kind of posts, but it’ll tell you what you need to know…specifically: TONIGHT! Friday March 27 – Borgata Casino Gypsy Bar **11PM – 2:30AM** Atlantic City,...

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